Foto0446After the 11th hour walking in the Abbey, I trod up the hill to my house. Warm headband, convenient trekking pole, sensible shoes. I heard two young voices and their footsteps behind me. I thought it would be fun trying to keep ahead of them. I managed to do that for a 100 yards or so. The voices decided to excell their speed.

Two 17 year olds, with lots of make-up (caked, beautiful faces. “Less is more”, I thought) walked swiftly by. They had difficulty getting in front of me. “Well, well”, one said, to the other, loud enough for the whole of Glastonbury to hear: “Look at Granny trucking up the hill with her walking stick”.  Ever so slightly inflated, deflated, suddenly aware of  age and stage in life, I checked my pedometer: 64 minutes af aerobic excersize, 7913 steps made. Not too bad.

I did use this hour in the abbey for being grateful for what I saw, for seeing life for what it is, for getting real. I felt 2014 could be a transformative year for me. Well, there I had my reality check, I’m not 17 anymore, I’m transforming into another being on the outside (for some of us) and I’m grateful that I am this fit and getting fitter. So there!

Walking with friends is fabulous, Kim and I are both walking for The Walking Project I started at the beginning of January 2014. Walking to get fit, to have contact with other women/men, and to connect with nature, the land, and to get a fresh perspective of one self. Try it! I love to hear about your walking project too.