On the road/grass

On my hour walk, the first one after spraining my ankle badly, I met a sheep, two crows, a cow, and a dead bunny dangling from someones SUV’s undercarriage. I followed the car, I wanted to warn the driver. It was a disturbing sight. Cars drive faster than I can walk. I could see the blue color parking somewhere in the Morrissons’ car park. I knew I could find it there. After a minute or three, I arrived on the lot and there where at least 10 blue SUVs. I checked them all, no limp bunny to be seen. If someone saw a somewhat dishevelled woman ( I was very tired after nearly an hour on my feet), in an old green raincoat and with a trekking pole poking underneath cars. That was me. I went home, ironed some shirts and all was well, anyway.