Dutch cloudsThe world around me started to vibrate, to shimmer. I was being plunged into another dimension, so it felt, a dimension where the world was still my known world. The difference was that I knew, I saw and understood with every cell in my body that all building blocks of what I could physically see were brimming with love, made out of Love.

It started in the morning, standing in my bathroom when I felt reality shifting. The boundary between me and my bathroom disappeared, and I became completely one with all that surrounded me. From the tiles, to the window, to the taps to the water.  I became the calm, secure observer of my environment, feeling at the same time the Oneness of the love that occupied me and all that surrounded me.

Sounds were different too, further away. The world was audibly stiller, but visually, the world was very busy. I informed my husband about what was happening, how I was feeling. In the mean time life went on. We did some shopping and I gave Sig an account of what I was experiencing. How the world looked, fluid, moving. When my hand reached for a door handle, I became aware of the atoms moving, in my hand and in the material the handle was made of.

It was an intense experience seeing love being manifest in my life and body and in the ‘outside’ world. The fact was, that after two-and-a-half days I started to get – I have no other word to describe it – bored. I felt ready to feel contrast again. The moment I told Sig that I was feeling that way, I was no longer in the experience, and the world looked as solid again as it did sixty hours earlier.

For some years after these days, I’ve been searching for the meaning for me personally of this Oneness-experience. There is not a day since, that I have not been thinking about it; even tried to replicate at will the experience (not possible). In meditation, I can feel the stillness and at the same time I can sense the essence of the now invisible moving world, but it is nothing compared to the ‘real deal’.

After a time, I accepted the Oneness for what it was: an experience of seeing and feeling intense Love vibrating in every solid thing on Earth. I now use this intensity in the healing work where I see the body as a fluid system of moving Atoms of Love, making an energetic link from the solid body to the energetic body, attempting to bring into consciousness the significance of the two.

– In Love, Karin.