bag of chips/crispsI really like to find a heart a day. I find it uplifting and fun to go on a search. Sometimes the magic does not work and then I have to revert back to my archive.

Today was going to be a day like that. I did not go out at all today, only briefly watered the plants in the garden. I thought it was too hot and my house is lovely cool, and beside that, I need to prepare our house for people who are going to spend their holidays in here while Sig and I are in the Netherlands soon.

A just-before-dinner snack attack emerged and I was only aware of that when I saw a forgotten bag of my favourite snack in the pantry. I was looking for catfood and I re-entered the kitchen with this treasure: Chips!

Just when I thought that I’d lost opportunities to find hearts, I found a heart-shaped chip (crisps in the UK) inside the bag. Mission Completed!