I have had some experiences in my life with the Numinous. The All comes in different shapes and forms for people experiencing this. I would like to share some of my experiences here with the One, All, Numinous, God, Goddess, He, She, It.

I was a twenty year old office worker in a very dynamic but oh so solemn notary solicitors office in The Netherlands (fourty years ago). I had made coffee for my colleagues and some clients who were just in the office with my employer. We had a newly refurbished office kitchen with a new, small – at that time highly modern – hot water boiler. It was hung on eye-height on the wall above the coffee maker.

I was busily readying the coffee cups when I heard my name being called out twice: “Karin! Karin!”,  from the hall way. I stepped out of the kitchen and looked around for the person yelling my name. Remember, this was a Solemn Office! No one would ever dare to call someone so loud when our employer was in.

The moment I saw no one was there, the small kitchen boiler exploded. Water sprayed my neck at the back and I felt the sting of the boiling water. Can you imagine what would have happened if I would have been a mere eight inches away from the explosion, facing the boiler?

I went to investigate to whom might have called me. None of my colleagues did. That moment it sunk in that I had escaped severe injuries and it dawned on me that I was called by my Angel.  I am still very grateful for what happened that morning. Firstly I was given an angelic experience, secondly no-one was injured! Later it emerged that the boiler was wrongly connected, the pressure had been building up inside and had to be released no matter what.

And what goes around for a boiler, goes around for building up pressure in our lives as well. We have to find an outlet for stress, no matter what is needed for avoiding a burn-out. Meditation, walking, sporting in general, talking with your loved ones when something bothers us, all help with pressure management. It is necessary before we blow our own gasket. Smiling and becoming aware of your breath and where it is seated and how deep it is,  is a First Aid in many situations. Try it, it helps. I know.

– Karin Schlüter