The father of my three weeks old baby was away for the whole night, helping setting up an important fair for his work. He would be home early in the morning. This was my first time ever, being alone with my little one and I worried about how the night would go and I felt somewhat insecure as a young – I was 22 years old –  mother.

I went to bed early and left the curtains half open; feeling cosy and safe now, knowing my beautiful baby was sleeping in his room a few yards away from mine. I could keep an eye on him, I kept the bedroom doors open and I could see his lovely wooden cot, made by his grandfather.

Lying in bed and thinking how incredibly lucky I was, and how happy I felt, I became aware of a small, warm-yellow light shining through the gap in the curtains into my bedroom. Looking curiously at it I thought the light was orange sized. I started wondering of course, what this was but at the same time a panic rose in me.

My heart started racing and what I remember was that all thoughts just stopped. Very swiftly the small warm-yellow light was now inside the room and became very bright and huge and lit up the whole space. Although the light appeared to be very, very bright, it did not blind me.

My mother-instinct spurred me into action, and I remember that my thoughts started racing now too: “My baby must be safe!”. I threw the bed coverings aside and ran to the adjacent bedroom and scooped my blissfully sleeping child out of his cot. I dove back into my bed and covered both of us with the duvet. As if that would help against any threat!

I frequently peaked over the duvet-edge and saw that the light was still there. After a while, I calmed down… nothing seem to happen. The light was there, my baby was with me, I even started to breathe normally again and I kind of got used to the light. Then, the light disappeared. It shrunk to its original size, and then smaller and I saw it disappearing outside into the dark night, it moved to the right and was further obscured by the half-closed curtains.

I kept my baby with me that night and my husband found us sleeping together in the morning. I enthusiastically told him about my experience that night, as I told my mother and a friend. We have all been guessing what this light could have been. I like to think this was an angelic visitation; maybe to support me in my role as a mother? Did I need to feel the rush of a protecting mother instinct? Was this a way for my supporters on the other side to let me know that “All Will Be Well”?

We are humans with a body, spirit and soul, I feel we are helped, supported and assisted from many different angles, and I feel, that Angels are a part of our support team.

– Karin Schlüter Lonegren