I’m  17 years old and I am a day away to a town in the south of the country with my boyfriend and his freinds who form a rock band. There’s a small festival going on with a “The Best Band of the Day” contest and they hope they win it. The band members and their girlfriends are all much older – mid twenties – and, frankly, we have not much in common.

It is a beautiful day, it is warm, the sun shines. We are stranded in the town, not knowing where to go and the band decides to get out of the van, to wait outside and the men start discussing with a city map at hand what to do next. We are all sitting in a row on a low wall, I am the last one of the row, and I notice a young woman with short blonde straight hair, introducing herself as Karin, settling in next to me. It was as if she appeared out of nowhere.

We engage in a wonderfully happy, humorous conversation. She is so funny and I feel such kinship with her and I can fully relax. When I watch her I notice that sunlight is bouncing off her almost white hair; she is radiant. It is time to get to the van again and after we all get in and drive away.  I remark upon the friendly young woman joining us on the wall. No one had seen her. I describe her and say that she had introduced herself and she had the same name as I had. Deafening silence. It left me with a strange but wondrous feeling; I felt intensely seen and loved during our time outside but the band members were now convinced that I was truly a weird one.

I feel it is important to live my life in the notion that there is support available for everyone from the unseen realms, angels, the management, the chaps upstairs, or whatever name is going round to describe our personal Spiritual Support Team. They come to me in my dreams, day and night and they speak through family and friends.

Let us spontaneously welcome our helpers into our lives without thinking how to get around doing that. Let’s welcome them as old lost friends, with open arms and open hearts and give them again a place in our lives. So many people have been given examples of how their Spiritual Support Team has changed theirs, now it is your turn to fully understand and feel the difference it makes to live with or without the Divine Spark ignited.

– Karin Schlüter Lonegren