Are you seeking inspiring anwers that help you look into the questions you have about your personal and/or professional life?  I use Skype and Email for working world-wide.

The way I work is catered to help you, to support you in a current situation, and for finding a way further if new steps are presenting themselves. I Karin Schluterwork with my intuition and my rational thinking equally. The information you receive, and the answers you are looking for are practical, grounded and respectful.

I find a reading is a two-way thing… inspiration can be awakened in you as well, your situation can become clearer for you while we speak.

~ I speak English and Dutch fluently ~

Here are a few excerpts of comments clients have made over the years:
“Without your stimulus I would have declined the invitation to teach, and I would have missed an opportunity in life, and I would have missed out on something very special…”

“It is time to stop hiding and bring all of me together in one big space as you say and know that they are all my Truth…”

“You have given me lots to feel into and think about and I will work with it now to go into greater depth into my intuitive nature and dream world – which my mind often clouds over! …”. Read more here.

I’m looking forward to our connection!