Interioor of Hunebed Borger, Drenthe

The Hunebed in Borger, Drenthe. I crept inside to get a good sense of the massive stones.

Sig and I went to Drenthe the other day. I needed to be in Sacred Space, in an ancient one, to recharge my batteries. I always ask if I may enter, and when I leave, I give a small gift. It’s kind to give back when something is willing to help you feel the energy of the structure and the underlying (earth) energies.

I also like to do a spot of dowsing (pendelen) to keep my energetic sensitive flow going. I checked out where clear energy streams were leaving the structure – I checked their flow direction- and I found one energy stream going off centre running towards a barely visible path in the woodlands. I suspect that pathway is used by animals to enter the woods at night.

Karin Pendelt bij het Hunebed in Borger

My pendulum swings happily above a power place within the hunebed in Borger

It’s wonderful to connect with the land, the ground, the sand of the Netherlands again – I am much looking forwards starting (European) Shamanic Training with Linda Wormhoudt next year and I suspect that that will help me fully reintegrate into the energy systems of the low lands.

In the mean time I’ve added House Healing to my bag of skills. Having worked with this in the UK and in The Netherlands before, I now feel it is the time to really go for it! Sig taught me the these skills (and others too) and I am so happy to introduce myself here as a house healing geomancer. Have a look at my new web page here.

All is well!