It’s that time of the year again. I’ts Samhein. The veil is thin, people say, between the seen and un-seen worlds. Truths are spoken, life is getting clear. Celebrations of the connection with our ancestors are on the way today. In that light, what else can we be but honest, our true selves, be the best we can be, or the worst, depending where we are in our life-cycle (‘worst’ is in the eye of the beholder). We owe it to the ones who have gone before us to to be fully living, warts and all. Even if it means that we have to look very clearly to our own ‘dark’ sides!

The under belly of a hegde row

Walking on the levels with my husband Sig, we saw the ‘under belly’ of nature. The storm had blown over a hedge row earlier last week. The intricate rootsystems of trees and shrubs were laid bare. New growth will sprout forth sooner than later in this new situation for nature.

So it is at this time of year, just before the darkening of winter, we go inside, look what is happening within and make ourselves ready for the new roots and shoots that will grow out of the exposed darkness.

– Karin