Here are Blog Hopping friends and exquisite writers Elyn Aviva (who introduced me to Blog Hopping: ” Thank You!”), Kimberly Lowelle Saward and Marion van Eupen. We’re in this Blog Hop together. When Blog Hopping, one is sharing information on one’s own writing process and celebrate and introduce in one’s blog, yes, in the same post,  another blogger. It’s a lovely way to shine a light on other bloggers.  So here we go, into the lime light…..:

Elyn, it’s you turn:

Elyn Aviva

Elin Aviva

Elyn Aviva is a transformational traveler, writer, and fiber artist. Her blog is, and she also posts on Currently living in Girona (Catalonia), Spain, with her beloved husband, Gary White, she is fascinated by pilgrimage, sacred sites, and spiritual quest. Her PhD in anthropology was on the 500-mile-long Camino de Santiago in Spain, which she first walked in 1982. She and Gary are co-authors of the series “Powerful Places Guidebooks.” Elyn has just completed a fascinating new book with Ferran Blasco, called Where Heaven and Earth Unite: Powerful Places, Sacred Sites, and You. She is author of a number of articles, books, and novels, and you can learn more about them at To learn about Aviva’s fiber art, go to  or her Fiberalchemy Facebook page.

My (Karin’s) Writing Process

1) What am I working on/writing?  At the moment I’m working on pieces, assignments, homework for a year long online mindfulness training; how to be aware of oneself, of the world inside and outside. I give the year training at the moment in the Netherlands, so it is a In Real Life ànd an on-line training. I’m writing everything in Dutch and in English at the same time, letting me be inspired by the beauty and layers of the two languages, complimenting each other and enriching each other. I also write for the love of it a blog or two a month. They are mostly short.

2) How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre? I love taking a picture and let that inspire me what I want to write about. Sometimes it works the other way around.

3) Why do I write what I do?  Observing my world and my place in it, how I feel part of the Bigger Picture tells the tale of my own developing spirituality. Growth is the word. Growth through love. That sounds oh so easy and it is one of the toughest lessons in (my) life. Holding on to that feeling of love and happiness (the kind of happiness that is connected with the Soul) whatever the circumstances in life is what permeates my writing.

4) How does my writing process work? I sit. I write. I think. I walk. I doze, daydream and meditate. I eat, I am a Great Procrastinator, sometimes I just start with a stream of consciousness. When I’ve been writing for a few minutes like that, I pick out some words and then the writing flow starts… can start, more or less.  Editing is a big one too. I think that’s why my blog posts are so short! Keep taking words out, more is less!

Here is my other Blog Hopper Kimberly Lowell Saward:

Kimberley Lowelle Saward

Kimberley Lowelle Saward

I am a writerly soul and creative. A California native, I now live in England with my husband, Jeff; we co-founded Labyrinthos nearly 15 years ago, and are best known for our work with labyrinths ( I wrote my PhD dissertation on the transformative potential of labyrinth walking, and have since published a number of articles and booklets on labyrinths and their associated folklore. As past president of the international Labyrinth Society, I delight in networking with the worldwide labyrinth community. I am, in fact, a community builder at heart, researching the labyrinth symbol wherever it appears in the world, but also working as a social media consultant, and teaching knitting and beadweaving as a way of encouraging creativity, spirituality, and imagination in my local community.

My blog,, is an eclectic mix of my interests and passions, from knitting and cooking (my kitchen alchemy), to poetry, pilgrimage, and divination. For me, Ariadne’s Thread is the thread of divine connection that weaves all this together and connects me to Spirit.

And last but not least Marion van Eupen:


Marion van Eupen

I am Marion van Eupen, born in 1964, celebrating my big 50th birthday this year, but actually it was last year that meant a lot for me, completing a 7×7 cycle…. It was a year of completion in which I finally truly stepped into my soul path, becoming a full time Priestess and it is since then that I adopted my priestess name: Marion Brigantia, honouring my deep connection with Brigit and Her land, the land of Brigantia/Britannia and especially the Isle of Avalon (Glastonbury) where I moved to in 2009.

I have always been on a spiritual path, for as long I can remember, from fairies and witches, to working in church, to esoteric exploration, wicca and finally coming home to Goddess…

As a priestess I fulfil many services and although I am in service of Her, the Divine Feminine, I am mainly offering services to other people, like you and me. That is why I have named my work ‘Priestessing for You!’

I see my work as building a bridge between Goddess and us humans and there are many ways and forms in which that can happen. I teach how to become a Priest/ess by creating ways in which you can re-member by working in circle or via online correspondence, I give talks and run workshops in which you can experience Her energy, I walk the sacred land with people to help them re-connect with the earth, our Mother,  I facilitate all kind of ceremonies to celebrate significant moments in people’s lives, I drum Her heartbeat, I build bridges between people through Interpersonal Mediation, I give Intuitive Oracle Readings to help people make contact with their soul’s longing  etc etc.

If you want to know more about my work, please see: Bright Blessings!