Stepping Stones

An ancient bridge made out of stepping stones reminds me of the help and support I have received of many people. Those are family and friends, perfect strangers saying the ‘right thing’ and books.

One of those books that’s a stepping stone right now is “Tiny Beautiful Things”, by Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl was an Agony Aunt for some time and gives right out of the heart and gut advice to people. They are wise life-lessons for the onse reading it and I presume life changing words for the people who send her their issues.

I recommend this book to anyone who needs to feel hope, loved and want to get on with life. All letters written to Cheryl are of genuine people like you and me. Every answer given by Cheryl is a rich life lesson.

Last night I sobbed about one […]


Being with my granddaughters makes me become fearless, their well-being (they have wonderful parents by the way) is paramount…

My kids in general make me fearless and my zest for life as an older woman makes me feel fearless. Also the well-being of us, people, makes me fearless. When I see unjustice being done in general makes me fearless.

From a very young age I would jump into a quarrel between people, school ‘chums’ if I spotted one. Seperating the warring parties and strike up a conversation.

Thank Heavens my work gives me full opportunity to celebrate my fearlessness, in helping people to understand their life situations, their struggles, their longing, their patterns, their un-patterning. Blocks and unblocking. Cheers to a Whole Earth where we all rise to be our best selves. Fearlessly.

Tuesday Calm

It’s a calm day, the water flows, as ever, algae, some rubbish, life and what we do with it, is flowing by. The clouds reflected, people waking up…

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You ask….. (2)

You ask me what gives me joy…

Budding nature, nurturing relationships
the personal, and the ones with neighbors
the wider community

Singing, laughing children
jumping from the bridge in
ice cold water

People walking by, ice cream
cone in hand, loving their sunset stroll
watching water, watching boats

The changing water around me,
sunrise makes it lap and jitter, in
the dark it is smooth as glass

This body, this water is alive
I feel connection growing
this wilderness I get to know


– Karin Schluter