Tuesday Calm

It’s a calm day, the water flows, as ever, algae, some rubbish, life and what we do with it, is flowing by. The clouds reflected, people waking up…

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You ask….. (2)

You ask me what gives me joy…

Budding nature, nurturing relationships
the personal, and the ones with neighbors
the wider community

Singing, laughing children
jumping from the bridge in
ice cold water

People walking by, ice cream
cone in hand, loving their sunset stroll
watching water, watching boats

The changing water around me,
sunrise makes it lap and jitter, in
the dark it is smooth as glass

This body, this water is alive
I feel connection growing
this wilderness I get to know


– Karin Schluter



Healer Cat

A few weeks before we move to the Netherlands, our cat – EdnaCat – died in our arms after an accident earlier yesterday morning. I wrote this article in 2011 and re-post it here:

I would like to shine a little light on Edna the hairy child, who is really a hairy healer. She came into my life when she was three months old, after being born in a dark garage with lots of abandoned stuff. Edna’s mother found it a good place to give birth in and to prepare her kittens for life beyond the safety of this small, dark space.
Within a few days after her arrival at SunnyBank Centre she fell down the stairs; Sig and I were shocked but she returned from that event unscathed and deigned to be with us a little longer. From that day […]

Moving House: Emotions

I’ve written the following article for an Australian removal company’s website, I was their guestblogger:

Saying goodbye and moving on, that’s my motto of these days. I can’t say that the whole process is an easy one. Moving house means that every drawer, crate, room, cupboard needs to be scrutanised: what can stay? What needs to go?

My husband and I have been going through our house like that for the last three weeks. We’re moving mid June, it’s now the 30th of March. We have some leeway! And that is neccesary. When dealing with loved but forgotten items it takes time to recollect the memory, hold the item in your hand, go through feelings and then the big decision is there: with or without us.

I’ve been an artist for over 20 years, I’ve thrown away my art (my children were […]