On Being Visible

When I lived in Glastonbury I was part of The Soul Club. We were three women who felt strongly connected with each other. We talked Life with a capital L when we would meet. Usually we felt telepathically when contact was needed, we maybe met once every six weeks but more frequently when life was exceptionally exciting.

On a summery Sunday afternoon we landed after initial talks at the subject: how do we see ourselves in the outside world and how do others perceive us? Are we really aware of the impact we make on our community, the world? What happens to our fellow human beings when we step into a space? Would the world change if we could see fully what influence, impact we have by our doings?

This is what I shared with my Soul friends: I have the […]

A Suitable Book

I parked my car in a part of a neighbouring town I did not know very well. I needed a walk; I had some issues and I felt I had to to clear my head. The weekly market was held in the centre of town and that’s where I was heading for.

A few days ago I’d read a rave review of the latest book by the Indian author, Vikram Seth. I was interested in all things Indian related to my spiritual interests. I thought reading a book about two families during the struggle for independence from Britain in the 1950’s written by a young Indian author could give me another view of the Indian culture. I toyed with the idea to travel to India later that year. The suggested retail price for the book was a whopping $70 and […]

Battery Recharged and House Healing

Sig and I went to Drenthe the other day. I needed to be in Sacred Space, in an ancient one, to recharge my batteries. I always ask if I may enter, and when I leave, I give a small gift. It’s kind to give back when something is willing to help you feel the energy of the structure and the underlying (earth) energies.

I also like to do a spot of dowsing (pendelen) to keep my energetic sensitive flow going. I checked out where clear energy streams were leaving the structure – I checked their flow direction- and I found one energy stream going off centre running towards a barely visible path in the woodlands. I suspect that pathway is used by animals to enter the woods at night.

It’s wonderful to connect with the land, the ground, the sand of […]