These are the days of summer wine

Driving to the small city beach I listened to Jamie Cullum’s “These are the Days” on the car radio. My dog Snoof was excited to go out and I had a really good time listening to the song during the short trip. Normally I would walk the distance but a physical ailment withheld me from that activity.

Although everything in nature told me that Summer is really over: icy wind, a ‘thin’ sun, leaves falling and threatening clouds packed together in the direction of the lake. The song however, woke a zest for life in me. Jamie sings about the golden days of young love and when that love is not so golden anymore. But there are always the memories.

Life can give you hardship, life makes friendships and lets them go, but the soul, our hearts will bring back the […]

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Stepping Stones

An ancient bridge made out of stepping stones reminds me of the help and support I have received of many people. Those are family and friends, perfect strangers saying the ‘right thing’ and books.

One of those books that’s a stepping stone right now is “Tiny Beautiful Things”, by Cheryl Strayed. Cheryl was an Agony Aunt for some time and gives right out of the heart and gut advice to people. They are wise life-lessons for the onse reading it and I presume life changing words for the people who send her their issues.

I recommend this book to anyone who needs to feel hope, loved and want to get on with life. All letters written to Cheryl are of genuine people like you and me. Every answer given by Cheryl is a rich life lesson.

Last night I sobbed about one […]


Being with my granddaughters makes me become fearless, their well-being (they have wonderful parents by the way) is paramount…

My kids in general make me fearless and my zest for life as an older woman makes me feel fearless. Also the well-being of us, people, makes me fearless. When I see unjustice being done in general makes me fearless.

From a very young age I would jump into a quarrel between people, school ‘chums’ if I spotted one. Seperating the warring parties and strike up a conversation.

Thank Heavens my work gives me full opportunity to celebrate my fearlessness, in helping people to understand their life situations, their struggles, their longing, their patterns, their un-patterning. Blocks and unblocking. Cheers to a Whole Earth where we all rise to be our best selves. Fearlessly.

Voltaire, my father and I

At school I was taught about Voltaire and his notion of ‘free speech’. Satire was part of Voltaire’s chosen way to express ideas and to shine a light on things wrong in society (from his point of view).

I grew up with a father who made often uncomfortable cartoons, caricatures of his teachers, his parents, employers, our teachers, himself, professions, and than the limericks came and the letters to our teachers when we were reprimanded by them. Pure, pure satire!

We only saw these caricatures, not many people outside of his safe family circle came to know his often scathing,  truer than true reality, immensely humorously drawings.

My father grew up with Voltaire too.

In a negative way I can see my fathers creative outlet as passive aggressive, in a positive way (and that’s how I saw it, that’s how it felt at […]