Healer Cat

A few weeks before we move to the Netherlands, our cat – EdnaCat – died in our arms after an accident earlier yesterday morning. I wrote this article in 2011 and re-post it here:

I would like to shine a little light on Edna the hairy child, who is really a hairy healer. She came into my life when she was three months old, after being born in a dark garage with lots of abandoned stuff. Edna’s mother found it a good place to give birth in and to prepare her kittens for life beyond the safety of this small, dark space.
Within a few days after her arrival at SunnyBank Centre she fell down the stairs; Sig and I were shocked but she returned from that event unscathed and deigned to be with us a little longer. From that day […]

Another Guest Blogger!

As you must know by now… we are moving country. Blogging about it drew the attention of a New Zealand removal company. The owner asked me to write a blog on his removal site, and he wrote one for my blog.

One of the removal companies we’re talking with taking our furntirue over, told me that most people contact them a fortnight to a week before the due date! I can’t imagine the strain that will cause that to everybody involved.

I wrote about the emotions around moving house (and country) and Matt Fuller writes about the practicalities of shuffeling your personal stuff around. Sig and I are very busily pre-packing and I like Matt’s tips:
Moving Again? Don’t Leave The Prepack to The Last Minute!
Don’t underestimate the arduous task of pre-packing your small and fragile items when preparing to move. Pre-packing […]

Sig is my Guest Blogger

Of Eclipses and Change

Karin and I were married in Chalice Well and Shepton Mallet on the 25th of July 1999.





For our honeymoon, we went to an OakDragon Camp with our kids near Constantine in Cornwall.






We went to witness a full eclipse of the Sun on August 11 1999



It was sensational in many ways. One energy ley that I measured expanded from about eight feet into infinity and lost any measurable energy. I felt that I met my Grandfather, Bishop Ernst Lönegren (who had died before I was born), and he told me, “I demand that you get more into God!” This was an interesting call in that at that time I was much more into Goddess. But most importantly, it marked the beginning of a relationship with the most wonderful woman I have ever met: Karin.



March 20, 2015
Now, 16 […]

Moving House: The Labyrinth(s)

Being married to Sig Lonegren, labyrinth author extra-ordinaire (hey! he’s my loved one) meant that our house is steeped in labyrinths.

After reading Sig’s book: Labyrinths: ancient myths and modern uses in the mid-nineties I wanted to meet this guy and have a chat with him about these circular paths, meditative tools.

I did.


And there were more… double ones, and Chartres ones and classical 7-circuit ones. We’ve worked with them in coaching, counceling, workshops, Spiritual Guidance and trainings. Friends gave them in stitching, embroidery, tiles, knitting and in drawings.

We do hope and trust that we can use our labyrinths in the same way in The Netherlands, where we’ll be moving to in June 2015.