I frequently browse the Internet to look at the latest crop circles, created in seasonal crops all over the world. The patterns of this year are stunning, and if you haven’t looked at some yet, I suggest you go to the Crop Circle Connector website to see photographs of them. I wish I could satisfy my curiosity by knowing with certainty who or what have made these crop circles. Some people say they are attempts from other universe dwellers to communicate with us humans, some say they are made by humans. Perhaps they are both. I like the idea of communication, and I don’t care who it is that tries to communicate. As a friend recently said: “Communication is another word for love”.

kale, kale, kale and kale

Glastonbury holds a very special crop circle. It is small, nutritious, green and very organic. You can find this crop circle in the back garden of Michou, one of the dwellers on this “holiest earth”, or Avalon. It is the Bove Town Crop Circle, the name created by Lindsey, one of us, croppies. We decided to start this Crop Circle in late winter of this year and I can say that it is successful. Kale is, at the moment, growing out of our ears. We have bumper crops of the green stuff and if we would have communicated better with each other and getting our needs a bit more clear, we would have planted more broad beans and carrots.

After a day working with clients, it is wonderful to weed the vegetable garden and harvest – mainly – kale. My creative thinking in finding yet another way to process kale is, at its best, challenged. I have come up with tasty uses for kale, one of them is my now prized Chili Omelet with finely cut Kale, of course made with eggs from our Chicken Coop. But enough is enough, a human being can only eat so much kale in a year.

While we sowed the kale seeds and later planted the tiny plants, we were talking to them, whispering with our sweetest voices, encouraging them to grow and be happy in our well-manured soil. We, the Crop Circlers, wondered if anyone hearing us while we planted the baby kale, would judge us and consider us mad. But we really did not care about what “others” would think, we just knew we had to handle these little green ones with love and respect and grace. By the way, all the other vegetables have been planted in the same way, they are growing very well too, and oh yes, we did apologise to the earth worms when disturbed by our digging, raking and weeding.

We are now at the point that we are communicating with the local green grocer to buying some of our kale. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. Our Crop Circle is expanding. People in town will buy our loved kale and I trust they will enjoy this vegetable and be nourished not only by its outstanding quality but also because of the love and care that made it grow. A way for our Crop Circle to communicate with our community; sowing the seeds of love.

– Karin Schlüter Lonegren