Does the following speak to you?

  • Do you feel as if you have to search for the real you?
  • Too busy at your work and all the goals you want to achieve?
  • Do you long for deepening your life-experience?
  • You miss the contact with your still (not small!) voice?

 With the Daily Awareness Programme you return to passionate living, being present and you return to being in love with life.working at home

At a minimum the assignments will take 15 minutes a day, they become deep meditations while reading your email.

At the most it can take up to 45 minutes a day. It is for you to decide if you go the shorter or the longer path. And maybe you want to do both!

Karin Schlüter’s D(aily) A(wareness) Programme creates the platform from which you launch your deepest self, your Sacred Self and experience inner peace!  The assignments – send by email or Facebook (a secret and closed page)  – support you from start to finish in this gentle process:

  • a greater understanding of your feelings
  • clarity and self-awareness
  • to love your Body, Mind and Soul.

Karin Schluter’s 12 week  programme is a great help in developing a deep awareness of You in your daily life, family life and job life. During the 12-weeks you have Facebook or email contact with me, for all your questions or sharing of your experiences.

Here’s a pre-view of part of the Daily Awareness Programme, week 8, “Your Inner Supporter”:

“… Your prompt this week is to pay attention to what you say about yourself. Did you know you have an Inner Supporter as well?
Be aware that your inner dialogue colours your outer world. You become your thoughts. If you look for peace in your world, start with your own thoughts, and turn them into peaceful, content thoughts that support you, instead of breaking you down.
When you notice you’re talking yourself down, stop with what you are doing. Take a moment to take a deep breath and with the out breath you let the negative thought go….”