Some years ago I had a dream one night that brought me much comfort during a stressfull time.

A bird came flying towards me with a parcel in its beak, wrapped in white tissue paper. I received it, and unpacked it. the gift was a pipe-stem, also white, made out of stone, and deliciously fine carved on top, with a white bison, a white fox and a white wolfe. After unwrapping the packet, I woke up immediately and I wrote the dream down.

white buffalo

Now, sitting in my little flat, my husband sitting next to me, watching tv, the laundry done, full bellies of lovely food enjoyed at my neighbours’ (my sister an her husband), seeing my youngest son tomorrow, seeing my granddaughters and their father and mother, going to a book-launch of a friend… this dream pops-up. It feels that the promise of the white carved pipe-stem, of beauty and wholeness and love, is fulfilled.

I am grateful.