dreams come trueSince about 15 years, I have this (day) dream that I have a place in The Netherlands. I do like Glastonbury a lot, I am dedicated to The Chalice Well and Gardens as a trustee, and my home and my husband Sig are there as well. Since the birth of my granddaughters the longing for the place where I started this life became stronger and stronger. There was no denial possible anymore, my roots were tugging, scratching, pinching, tickling.

Six years ago, I stayed with my sister Agnès in Enkhuizen – the small town in The Netherlands Sig and I love so much – and we walked along side the canal towards her house. There was a tiny house for sale and I mentioned while passing that I wouldn’t mind living in such a cute dolls’ house!

As you can see in the photo, I sat down on the “konkelbankje” (gossip seat) in front of the house and asked my sister to take a picture. While she readied the camera, I said to her: “Take note Agnès, I will live here when I’m 57 years old!”, pointing at the house number.

Well, the house is not for sale anymore, but now, six years (I’m 57 now) later Sig and I have rented a very small flat around the corner of the cute house, across the road from my sister and her family; the best part is that it is only an hours’ drive to my three children and my granddaughters away.

Exciting times for all of us!

– Karin

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