Foto0450Ancient steps in the Abbey. For over a thousand years people have walked here. I love roaming the grounds. I get the best ideas for my work here, I guess I’m tapping into the lively energy of a busy abbey!



Foto0449I’m going to hug that tree! And I did. I felt the energy of the living being. Strong. A friend explained that the deep roots and the high stretching into the air helps feeling connected with ‘All’. What dear friends trees are too.




Foto0447Love those arches. Love the gentle light shining through. Sometimes I walk here and try to imagine – I almost wrote: remember) how the buildings were in their heyday.  It is easy now to feel dwarfed by the ruins.



Foto0446All alone in a huge park, I thought, met some friends later. The air was so crisp, the sun nearly warm, the wind fresh. It was quiet. You could almost hear the sound of ages gone by. What a treasure to have in the middle of town.