The Top - hour walkingThere we went, two friends and I. In the car to the Butleigh Woods in Somerset. It was dry, but the land is very water logged. Flooded fields, wet clay, slippery slopes. I fell nearly three times and once I grabbed my friend in a reflex for support and almost dragged her down too. The road to Butleigh was closed off and we had to drive the long way round. We could see the extent of the floodings. Many ‘wow’s’ were uttered in the car with the steamy windows. Water everywhere, in any form. Our planet is a water planet. I forget that every now and then.


The Bottom - hour walkingPure perseverance was needed to struggle through the heavy clay and we were happy to find paths strewn with leaves, so we could hold our footing. We found a place where people had deliberately placed a bouquet of flowers. Ashes? A broken relationship? A celebrated birth?



an hour of walkingI enjoyed the different kind of soils and how the water was coloured by it. Milky white, yellow, and this bright orange. It looks like a comic book text cloud. Am pondering a text that can go in there. Any ideas?

It is my ‘orange’ day today. I start the day with a colour visiualisation. It helps me start any day with a positive attitude and makes me feel strong in my core. Walking the earth does that too. Tomorrow another hour…

Invigourated yours,