HeartThings can be tough on the outside, but helpend by other hearts, cracks appear and reveal the soft luminosity on the inside.

We, humans are meant to live together in harmonious groups. We all need one another. Being alone is good to a certain point. Then we go out looking for external contacts again.

Being on one’s own is ok. Being lonely hurts. I see loneliness as a chronic disease. If not careful, if not reaching out on purpose and with will, one can loose the art of making social contacts.

I once worked in a call-centre in The Netherlands  (Oh how I hate those things, when they call me at dinner time) and one evening shift I talked with a lonely elderly woman. She hadn’t spoken to someone for almost a week. She was so happy to find a friendly voice on the phone.

Of course we had rules not to take too much time on the phone, just enough to ask the questions of the research that the company was paid for. In this instance I did my best not to take more time but I said what I wanted to say anyway. I talked and listened to her and encouraged the lady to talk to her GP, go to a daycare centre for the elderly and talk to social services. I also had to explain that I had to hang up now… It broke my heart.

In the mean time, my phonecall was recorded and listned-in to. I was later approached by the management and they complimented me with my ‘technique’. Where had I learned that? Who’d taught me? I told them that I’d listened to my heart and that I’d expressed what I felt inside.

It’s that simple. Wake up to the feelings your heart gives you. Wake up to your inner voice. Melt. Take down some boundaries. Look inside and reach out. Live!

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