I stand in my kitchen with my youngest son; we are surprised and intrigued by the sound we hear outside. It sounds as if snow is shifting on the roof of our house and about to fall on the ground. The sky darkens and now we can see why: spiders are falling down in their millions from rooftops and trees! They are all the same size, all the same colour and all equally fat, juicy and healthy.

We are not afraid. We delight in this wondrous abundance of nature. I try to close the kitchen door, but the soft bodies of the spiders, lying between the door and the threshold are preventing me from closing it. I wake up just when I decide to give the door a hard push.

The day before, I had a fabulous healing at the Goddess Hall in Glastonbury. I felt nurtured and taken care of and when the two healers asked me to name a deity I would like to have mentioned in their opening prayer besides the Lady of Avalon, my answer came quick; I like Great Mother.

That same night I had the dream about the spiders described at the beginning of this article. In between the scenes of endless amounts of spiders everywhere, I cooked meals and set tables, and I was nurturing family and friends. My spirit guide walked towards me on a road in The Netherlands I know very well and asked me how I was doing, and I met many colleagues of a solicitors office where I once worked. And a next dream-scene would be again about tumbling spiders.

A few days ago I removed a big, big spider from my bedroom, while talking to her I caught her in a glass and placed her in the garden. The following day I saw a nest of spider eggs hatching simultaneously and I watched the little cute yellow/green baby spiders go wild on a sun-warmed door post. Spiders had entered my day-to-day life and now I experienced them too in my night life.

Upon waking up I grabbed Jamie Sams’s and David Carsons’s Medicine Cards – I’d just refound that book, after having mislaid it for about a month – and there I read that Spider coming up in a reading, and I like to see my dreams like that, a personal reading from my unconscious self, means that Creation finds delight in you and your plans.

Brenda Mallon’s Dream Bible talks about how Spider is the archetype of the Great Mother, the weaver of destiny. Spiders often appear in dreams when the threads of lives need to be renewed or relocated. Of course these books also mention the reverse meaning or a ‘negative’ meaning of the archetype of the spider, but since I felt not afraid in my dream, there was no negativity for me in that symbolism.

I watched the news at 7.30am and I told husband Sig about my outrageous dream, while keeping an eye on the screen. We both burst out laughing when we became aware of the next news item. An image of Maman, Mother, Spider Mother was shown because the creator of this fabulous sculpture, Louise Bourgeois, had just died at the age of 98. Of course it is awful when such a gifted artist passes over, but the synchronicity of the moment was unique.

This dream had a very special meaning for me in that I feel nurtured and taken care of by Great Mother, Maman. What ever happens in my life, what ever hoops I have to go through or put myself through willingly, I will be supported by the image of gazillions of spiders representing the hologram of the feminine divine.

– Karin Schluter Lonegren.