A few weeks before we move to the Netherlands, our cat – EdnaCat – died in our arms after an accident earlier yesterday morning. I wrote this article in 2011 and re-post it here:

EdnaCatI would like to shine a little light on Edna the hairy child, who is really a hairy healer. She came into my life when she was three months old, after being born in a dark garage with lots of abandoned stuff. Edna’s mother found it a good place to give birth in and to prepare her kittens for life beyond the safety of this small, dark space.

Within a few days after her arrival at SunnyBank Centre she fell down the stairs; Sig and I were shocked but she returned from that event unscathed and deigned to be with us a little longer. From that day on we often talk about her as Edna the BodhiCatva.

Over the years, Edna developed into a ferocious hunter. According to some statistics, no one in Great Britain is exempt from encounters of the First Kind with rats. They are everywhere. Edna knows this and started keeping our environment rat and mouse free. Although, one summer night, she brought in a frog. At three in the morning I had to remove it from our bedroom and take it to our pond. It is still there; every now and then I can see it swimming happily together with our fish.

It is really convenient when you have a Hunter Cat without running a B&B. With a successful B&B however, it is quite awkward. I recall the numerous gifts she had to present almost every new guest with in the morning. Dead rats galore, in different stages of being consumed. On many a morning I would tiptoe downstairs, before our guests would wake up, to inspect our living quarters. The roses in my garden are thriving on the remains of the rodents; I bury them at the roots of my favourite plants. I give them a good send off and I am sure that in ages to come, archaeologists will conclude that this little piece of earth must have been some sort of rat sanctuary.

After some years of B&B-ing I decided to expand my healing work. I converted my artist’s studio into a healing space where I do energy work with my clients. It also happens to be the same room where the cat flap is situated. Edna gnows when a client needs some of her cat energy. She will come through the cat flap and nestle herself onto a clients’ back (when people come for a EnergySoma Ailgnment, they lie fully clothed, face down, on my treatment table.) Edna will purr very loudly and when her healing task is done she will go away again.

Only once (Thank Heavens), Edna reverted back to her old habit of presenting a rodent to strangers in the house. She jumped through the cat flap with a big limp dead rat in her mouth and dropped it on the floor, next to the treatment table. I prayed my client had his eyes closed. I immediately explained I had to remove a cat-gift and that I would be back within half a minute. I chucked the little body in the garden, to be buried later.

I notice that Edna comes more into my healing studio when I do psychic bodywork. Whatever role Edna plays in SunnyBank Centre, I am grateful for her assistance on so many levels and I trust she will have a long and active cat life.

– Karin Schluter Lonegren