chewing gum heart -
Life taught me that it is healthy, wholesome and good to vent my feelings, especially in circumstances where I simply could not digest the emotions that stirred inside me.

Swallowing anger, love, jealousy, joy, resentment and kindness, feeling too safe, or unsafe… (I’m aware there are more emotions or feelings than I can mention here), all need expressing.

Feelings can be swallowed, but not digested.
If they are kept inside, there comes a moment when an unexpected eruption takes place. And often not in the most convenient time and place.

There is a way of dealing with those undigested emotions.
Your heart needs to open up and you can help it along. Awareness comes in a multitude of ways. Your awareness grows over time – that’s a fact. But sometimes you have to stop and listen to the strong voice of your heart before that happens. A few years ago my heart, my still small voice, my Sacred Self let me know through sleepless nights and panic attacks that something was amiss.

Here you read how that happened and how it stopped:
A few years ago – I thought for no reason whatsoever –  I woke up in the middle of the night and my pension was on my mind. This went on for some years. From a simple thought this ‘nudge’ grew out into panic attacks at night. Until the day I thought (this was a ‘duh’ moment)  that I maybe had to look into my pension? I did, and my unconscious was right. Something had gone wrong more than twenty years ago and if I did not act and got my pension together soon, I would have lost it. That panic is forever gone in my life. I sleep well now.

I also have experiences where I did not act on the feelings of love and kindness that welled up in my heart. I lost contact with the people involved. Maybe someday I can express those deep human feelings with them as best as I can. Sometimes overflowing love and kindness can be too much and overwhelming, and other times it is just not enough or stunted or inapt.

Start listening to your heart!
I know, it is easier said than done. But there comes a time in your life that you get nudges and hints that you cannot ignore any longer. Your inner voice starts expressing itself through dreams, recurring situations and even your body may react and start giving signs of being not well. You know then that action is needed and the Big Adventure to growing awareness and listening to your inner voice starts!

Shine on,