I would like to talk with you about a book that I’ve just been reading. It is “Hands of an Angel” by spiritual healer and clairvoyant Helen Parry Jones. How on earth can I describe a real gem to you all? How can I describe the love and healing that is glowing within this book, or the deep spiritual truths almost all chapters hold and how deeply touching Helen Parry Jones’s life story is?

As you know, I’m not a stranger to what Helen Parry Jones is doing in her life and reading Helen’s book, brought me to deeper layers of understanding of the spiritual world, our earth and of myself.

Here is an example of a spiritual insight: Helen describes how her Guardian Guide Sam reveals to her, that he is not really there to teach her, but that Helen is teaching Sam.  Sam tells her that Helen’s spirit is from a “higher place”, one he cannot visit. As Sam explains to Helen:  “caring for and being a Guide to you (Helen) in this earthly way will form part of my (Sam’s) learning and spiritual progression”. Page 212.

I can thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend this gem-of-a-book if you want to grow spiritually, get a deeper understanding of the world around you and of a happy, loving, healing awareness. Reading this book will enrich your life.

Hands of an Angel, by Helen Parry Jones, published in trade paperback by Arrow.

– Karin Schlüter Lonegren