A fly on the window sill of SunnyBank Centre

I am eight years old, and I look at my grandmother in total awe. She prepared lunch for us all and the hot summer afternoon heat had not yet reached the dining room. It was rather cool in there, the French doors were open, the closed curtains waved in a slight breeze.

Grandmother was sitting at the head of the table, straight, in black, and ready to eat her lunch. One big blue bottle fly zoomed by and landed on the tablecloth next to her plate. I heard Grandmother’s knife swishing through the air and with the speed and agility of a ninja warrior, she cut the fly in half. Not a word was said, the corner of her mouth curled into a sly smile, she wiped her knife on her napkin and tucked into her lunch heartily. I cannot recall if we erupted in applause or that we were so surprised that we were dumbfounded. I have to ask my sisters about that.

Flies can act as signs from nature, telling me where I have to pay attention. I know flies are a nuisance; they can do more harm than good when they invade spaces and even bodies. However, I’ve had a good experience with a fly and it happened quite some time ago. Sitting in the garden, taking a break and having a cup of tea, a fly landed on my hand. To my surprise it stayed there for a long time. When it flew off for the first time, I could follow it with my eyes because it stayed rather close. When it landed again on my hand, I moved it closer to my face and the fly and I looked at each other. At least, it felt like that. I had a heart-to-heart chat with a fly and it became a spiritual experience.

It was one of those moments that deep inside I knew that all was well in my world, that things happened in there because they needed to happen. I started talking to the fly and told it that I loved its form, the beautiful eyes (all 300 of them) and even the tiny little hairs on its body were kind of cute. I could see its beauty and its place in the world. All the time, the fly stayed still on my hand, it moved its legs over its eyes; was it touched by my words and needed it to whisk away a tear? Before it flew away again, I promised I would never kill a fly again, consciously.

Not long after that experience, I found myself again in a situation where I was unsure what to do. One morning, I was in bed and I stared at my bedroom window. A large fly of the iridescent kind, did its annoying bumping against the window thing, while the windows were wide open. Daydreaming about my situation, I became the fly and I saw my recurring pattern as the consistent bumping into a surface I could not truly perceive, hurting myself again and again. The moment I realized, I “gnew” I had to step out of that situation and so freeing myself. The big fly found its way out too and flew enthusiastically into its newly found world.

The fly became a day sign for me, helping me to get clarity into my life, just as I would have used a night sign – dreams – to get an insight into what would be a possible outcome for my situation.

I teach the use of day signs in my workshops – it is fun, it is exciting and it is a wonderful way to connect with nature and to help you to get deeper insight into what choices you have in life.

– Karin Schluter Lonegren