chalice well blessingWe find ourselves in between two major seasonal feasts, first the stand still of the sun for a few days, and then the light returning with the celebration of the birth of the Christ child. We celebrated with 300 others the Winter Solstice at the Chalice Well with a water blessing, a large fire and spiral dance. I still have a cramped left arm and shoulder of holding in one hand the heavy bowl with Well water, mixed with the newly made Winter Solstice Essence, and in the other hand two sprigs of the Yew trees to sprinkle with at noon that day, what a beautiful ‘burden’ that was! Blessing so many people, all gathered around the fire before the Four Directions were honoured was lovely to do. The Spiral Dance, led by Sig was magic, wonderfully chaotic and touching. Now a kind-of quiet in-between time is landing in my life. Daughter is still here, weather allowing, she flies back to the Netherlands soon. I celebrate Christmas this year, as soon as she is gone, with painting the kitchen and dining room. It will all be sparkly and new before work starts again in January 2014. I wish you all a great time and see you on the other side!