On my way to talk about Avalon Experience EveningsI’ve been preparing this Blog since the beginning of August and while driving a lot in The Netherlands I kept thinking of it. I hadn’t finished it and today I have the time to think and write:

Daily new shocking revelations are surfacing in the media. The rampant Ebola, violence, attacks, bombings and wars break out like it’s ‘nothing’ the last few months.

Many people I speak find the news hard to take in – human suffering is brought into our lives in an unprecedented way through the media, in all its real, gruesome detail.

It is as if there’s not much else going on in the world. For the ones that are in the midst of all that sadness that is indeed the case. And pray and trust that somehow they will not lose the hope for peace, healing and – at the least – lead a contented life.

When the news lands so hard and harsh into my life, I have this natural reaction: What can I do? How can I make lives better for the ones in the middle of war zones, virus outbreaks, airplane crashes?

The reality is that I can’t. I cannot go there and lend a helping hand. I have not the stamina, courage, means to actively help in these situations, at least, not now. But there must be something that I can do even if it is the littlest thing… And I think that for the moment, it is finding peace in and with myself.

If I can find peace in my own heart, then it may radiate out from me and may positively influence my direct surroundings. Who knows if we all try to do that we create a wave of Inner Peace. (Naive? Hmm, don’t think so, it’s our birthright to feel peaceful.)

In my experience having and feeling Inner Peace, meant that I accepted myself, be honest with myself, and that I carried myself humbly when I made a mess of my life, that kind of s**t happens on an on-going basis!

When busily generating Inner Peace, you’re still human! But at least now I’m one with a sense of what Inner Peace is. I can return to that state of mind and I’ve found a way to ‘work’ with my heart and to generate a feeling of Inner Peace in meditation, introspection and visualisation and that is of great help to me.

If I keep my natural habitat as peaceful as is possible, in any way, it may make a difference. I keep thinking about this: “Do to others as you would like to be done to” and “Do no harm”. Could it be this simple? I don’t know, But it is well worth a try. I pledge to do my best. Will you join me?