Our stain-glass window labyrinth.Being married to Sig Lonegren, labyrinth author extra-ordinaire (hey! he’s my loved one) meant that our house is steeped in labyrinths.

After reading Sig’s book: Labyrinths: ancient myths and modern uses in the mid-nineties I wanted to meet this guy and have a chat with him about these circular paths, meditative tools.

I did.


IMG_7541And there were more… double ones, and Chartres ones and classical 7-circuit ones. We’ve worked with them in coaching, counceling, workshops, Spiritual Guidance and trainings. Friends gave them in stitching, embroidery, tiles, knitting and in drawings.

We do hope and trust that we can use our labyrinths in the same way in The Netherlands, where we’ll be moving to in June 2015.