foto-37This morning doves were cooing in a tree adjacent to the garden. One decended to my level and tried out the usability of twigs and dried grass for nesting. It flew away when in another room of the house curtains were opened.

Thirty minutes later, walking on the levels with a friend, I saw a crow lying dead on the country road. Fresh drops of blood as four fiery berries lay next to his mighty beak. The morning light made his feathers shine. I had my camera with me. I was captivated by the image, the beauty of his body, the blue sheen. I decided to take a photo and as soon as I engaged the camera the empty battery icon appeared. No photo of death. Only of life. My friend and I carried his body away, and placed him on the verge of the road, close to water. Soon nothing can be seen of death, Queen Anne’s Lace will cover his grave.