helpSince this summer I was not able to work very hard in the garden. As we know it was a warm and moist and fertile season. My garden had exploded. Mostly, growth is good. But in a small garden, when plants grow like mad, they need to be kept at bay. There was no way I could walk unscratched and unscathed from one end to the other.

The overgrowth became so much that I became quite depressed thinking, looking, talking about it. I knew I had to do ‘something’. I also knew I could not do it alone. I did not even know where to start.

Friends pointed out a good guy who could help me. The day he would start he cancelled, he was too busy and frankly he did not have the time in his schedule to clear my out of bound paradise. He was great, he referred another gardener and he had so much enthousiasm and energy, it made me totally happy and I was ready to go ahead. Thank you Universe, for sending me the right gardener!

The two days before Tim would come to work, I could not contain myself. (Sig helped too!) I was so enthused by Tim’s willingness to help in creating space and healing in my garden, that we did an amazing amount of work and within a few days – a total of 11 hours – the garden was clean, shaped and ready for a new year of hopefully somewhat contained growth.

I know how it is when clients take the step to make an appointment, they’ve done a lot of work already themselves, but then they need the input, the energy, the enthousiasm of someone else to help with that last little bit of their predicament or to help them understanding why that niggling energetic block is preventing flow in their daily life. But when the work is done, invariably people shine, feel clear and clean and they can face life as it comes with trust and renewed energy and open to growth on all kinds of levels.


– In love, Karin

Offer for December

Make a hands-on healing appointment with me in December, in Glastonbury.
I offer a 20% reduction in price for that month, so you can face 2014 with ease, hope and lots of love for your self and others!