I remember watching the film “Lost Horizon” with my sister when we were respectively nine and 11 years old. It was 1963 and I cannot remember now if there was already something like day-time television in The Netherlands way back then. Maybe we watched it in the early evening.

The 1937 film is about travelers in an aeroplane, being hi-jacked and crashing with their craft in the Himalaya’s and on their way back to the “civilised” world stumble upon this gateway where they decide to step through. And what happens then in this movie was so wonderfully remarkably real in the eyes of a nine year old. This was my very first encounter with Shangri-La.

Eternal youth, soul wisdom, healing, love, peace and understanding were just a few of the trades people living in this wonderful world were experiencing. The film emanated warmth and health and happiness, the reflection of which I understood and had experienced myself. I really thought the whole world was like the Lost Horizon world.

Becoming older, this film stayed with me and my sister. To this day we talk about it and our feelings we felt watching the movie. I remember the time the focus shifting from “I know our world is like this”  to “I know our world can grow into this” to feelings and thoughts of bitter-sweet memories about how we once were.

Now, in my late-fifties, and counter intuitive to all the stuff that is happening environmentally and economically, I feel this glimmer of hope and that, although there is the hardship lots of people go through at the moment, they can find healing, the wisdom of their souls, warmth and at least a sense of happiness through their interactions with their families, neighbours, colleagues and hopefully, hopefully humanity in general.

We’ve only temporarily lost our horizon; with our inner compass we can find our way back to our own wisdom, our soul, our health and our happiness.

We are, after all, in essence all in the position to recognise and live the Lost Horizon World.

My “Grand-Cat”, a being always in the moment, happy and healthy! :-))

– Karin Schluter Lonegren