A labyrinth made out of pink flamingos (plastic) during the gatheringIt feels as if there is a change happening in my world. Would love to write here: Our World, but I can’t speak for others. If you agree with me, please let me know in the comments section below.

I feel that the ‘good’ is getting stronger, it feels that a surge of Love Warriors (how can I say that differently without using a war-like term?) is standing up and make very sure that they are counted.

As many of you know, I’m travelling through the United States teaching at two events. One was the Labyrinth Society’s annual gathering in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the other is coming up tomorrow, at the Fellowships of the Spirit in Lilydale, New York.

I’ve been in situations – multiple flights, train rides, airports, taxi sharing rides – where fellow travellers and I shared small spaces. Also waiting in queues, packed together there was an abundance of getting connected.

And that’s what happened, we connected: from the woman who asked a barista to stop the continuous tap running to the man  making eye contact with me and we started talking, within the minute we shared our experiences with A Course in Miracles (his much, much more in-depth and knowledgeable than mine), also the woman who had the barista write “Love” as her name on her serving of coffee in the airport, so when her coffee came through someone called out: “Love!” into a waiting throng of people.

The Delta Airlines Stewardess who ended our flight with her by saying to us that: “We are magical beings, take that magic in to our daily lives, smile, smile and be magic, light up your life and that of others by smiling”.

I have hope for my/our future. The amount of t-shirts I’ve seen walking by that prompted me to keep thinking, following our intuition, taking care of the children of the world, love more, smile more, taking care of the earth, taking care of our fellow human beings, love our animals and more, was huge.

I love us, Humans!