1622796_10203074498054325_188841387_nBroad-rimmed, dark, was his hat, his cloak reaching the ground, many folds. He suddenly walked alongside me, and very naturally being pulled towards him, my left arm was resting on his, half stretched out. We walked on a muddy path in the forest, it was very busy. I felt so supported,  there was a wisdom and sweetness in his presence that felt not of this world.

On our path through the forest we encountered people looking for an untethered lost horse. They found it quickly. There, it was standing near a copse of trees. We walked along and I saw a farmer shouting to his fair-haired toddler. The child was crying intensely. I shouted to the man not to shout to his child.

The man with the hat and I walked on. The man with the hat was not longer with me. He had vanished. I searched in the groups of people for his sweet presence, I did not find him. I missed our conversations and at the same time I knew he was with me in another reality. My heart glowed, it expanded. I knew I would never be the same again…

Dreams are an integral part of who you are. Dreams are tools for getting to know your Sacred Self. In my work I use dreams as tools for clients to get a grip on what is happening in their development on spiritual and personal levels, what their heart tells them, what they cannot see in daily life. In my courses and on-line awareness training it is a part of the journey we take together during the year.

This dream told me that I can trust the ‘dark matter’ that permeates the Universe, the flow of existence is supporting me. This dream was also a mirror: I’m good at shouting at people who shout. Horses can be wild and unpredictable. The finding of this brown horse however was effortlessly and was lovingly handled when found: have I finally matured (somewhat) and growing older I can trust my own unpredictableness?

IMG_7484Forgetting all of the above… why I’m still glowing, now a few hours after waking up, is the unconditional love, acceptance of self and wisdom that permeated this dream and that was felt and lived in my dream life. It reminded me of how I, we, can be in this world. Trusting the flow, trusting wisdom coming our way, trusting the experiment called “life”.

Glowing on,