As you must know by now… we are moving country. Blogging about it drew the attention of a New Zealand removal company. The owner asked me to write a blog on his removal site, and he wrote one for my blog.

One of the removal companies we’re talking with taking our furntirue over, told me that most people contact them a fortnight to a week before the due date! I can’t imagine the strain that will cause that to everybody involved.

I wrote about the emotions around moving house (and country) and Matt Fuller writes about the practicalities of shuffeling your personal stuff around. Sig and I are very busily pre-packing and I like Matt’s tips:

Moving Again? Don’t Leave The Prepack to The Last Minute!

Don’t underestimate the arduous task of pre-packing your small and fragile items when preparing to move. Pre-packing is a long and tedious process that requires both time and a lot of patience. You’d be amazed at how many people put their prepack off until the day before moving and consequently find themselves in a complete mess when it comes time to hit the road!

Images courtesy of fragiles and knick knacks will endure a far safer journey if they are packed neat and tight. If your items are not nice and tight they can rub against one an other causing damage. This image highlights a simple yet effective method for prepacking your loose items.

Bubble wrap should be high on your house moving shopping list, it serves as the perfect insulator to cusion the entire internal portion of your boxes which contain breakables.

Remember the last time you moved and spent wasted hours rummaging through boxes trying to identify the contents? Also add texture markers to your shopping list then label each and every box accordingly, you’ll be grateful you made the effort!

3 KarinDon’t leave everything to the last day. If you’re in a position to, load the car up and do as many trips as possible to your new home. Boxes, kids toys, computers etc, anything that will take the pressure off before the moving truck turns up to load your furniture.

No one likes moving, in fact, it rates as one of the most loathed undertakings we will have to face in our lives. Although by taking a few basic initiatives as mentioned above, moving house doesn’t have to be such an enormous task.

Matt Fuller.

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