Wow! I’ve done it… I’ve thrown away nearly thrity years of art: woodprints, etchings, sketches, sketch books and some dried up materials.  I kind of forgotten that I’d had all that work stashed away in the attic.


Realising that I hadn’t looked at most of it for at least ten years, and knowing we’re moving to a house that’s much smaller, I did the deed. I photographed some of them, drove to the Street Waste Partnership and dumped everything into to the paper recycling skip.IMG_8487

There was one moment that I thought: “What am I doing!”, but that was only one moment. Further it felt rather Zen… the inspiration, the preliminary work, the execution, the elation of the making of, it has existed, and maybe somewhere in this vast Universe it still does. But for me they have vanished forever. Sort of. I have looked at the photos again. In fact, I’ll place some here. And that’s that.