IMG_7497 IMG_7498Going through old wine bottles in what we call our ‘attic’ (a room adjacent to our dining room, an over-sized pantry, really)  I found the bottle of wine my ex-father-in-law had made himself for the birth of his first grandchild, my son.

In my first-ever garden I grew white grapes. August 1976 was an incredibly hot summer and the grapes were fine. We harvested them and the ‘brewing’ started. The end result was six bottles of wine that tasted like dry sherry. Not too bad.

I kept the bottle he gave me and moved it to different houses and from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom in 1997. I had completely forgotten about its existance.

Holding it in my hands, my penny dropped. I’m going home! My heart burst open and I sobbed between the crates, the baskets, the binbags. Images of gardens, people, friends, laughter, my children, sisters and my parents tumbling over and over in my thoughts.

I’m coming home!