’ve been a trustee at The Chalice Well and Gardens for more than five years. I have loved it to be so closely connected to this sacred space, so enjoyed the interaction with the other trustees, management, staff and volunteers. I’ts the place where Sig and I met and got married.

The Well is the place I learned to conncet with the healing waters, and where I made my first Essences. My first visit was in 1994. I wonder whenever my last one will be… difficult to say, I’ll be back visiting.

Before we drive off to The Netherlands I will go and get me some water, and sit still and full attention to the Spirit of the Well, nature, theĀ delicious sound of the waters, finding their way through the Gardens and out into the world.

I’m curious to see that what I’ve learned about Waters, the spirit of water and the conciousness of water I can use for the waters close to my new home: the IJsselmeer… I think I will be able to do that, it’s all One!

The below two minute video shows something about the Chalice Well Essences workshops we – the team – worked on the last two years.