Here am I dressed in my manifestation as the Household Goddess for a Goddess Conference ball

I am writing this blog post sitting in my sun-drenched garden. Birds are bathing and drinking from the small artificial stream going through the upper part of the garden. In fact, one blackbird is so rigorous in cleaning dust of it’s feathers, it is spraying me with water. This bird reminds me of my Inner Housewife.

The other day, I went through my family photo books. I noticed a photo there of myself, eight months pregnant, hanging freshly washed laundry outside in a long-ago garden. It took me back to situations and places over the years and all over the world, where I’ve been washing and drying. The taking care of family and self by taking care of laundry is precious to me. I’ve been through the laundry of three children and two husbands. I have removed stains and hairs from clothes left there by two dogs and at least 15 cats. I’ve proudly ironed self made dresses for my daughter and stuffed shirts of husbands lovingly or with irritation into my washing machine.

In a scene of the film (one of my all-time favourites) by Ettore Scola: Una giornata particulare with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, you see Sophia walking through the white sheets she had just hung up; her silhouette, projected by the sun is shifting from sheet to sheet. I feel a bit like Sophia, when I hang my laundry outside for the first time in early spring, when the sun is finally hitting my porch at the back of the house and I know I will have a freshly smelling dry laundry load within a few hours. This feeling feeds my Inner Housewife totally and wholly. I love it.

I remember a get-together with friends, maybe 25 years ago, where one of them made a confession that made the others gasp: she did not like her tumble dryer, she’d prefer the sun-soaked laundry from her garden. I supported her and I am afraid that from that moment on we’ve been – by our friends there – firmly put into the category of wild, too wholesome, not very sophisticated women.

My Inner Housewife tends to un-chaos things in life, material and immaterial. She lets me know when to clear my boundaries and when to dust off my energy field, scrub the bathroom floor or clean the loo. She lets me know when it is time to clear my solar plexus or to brush-up my self-esteem and when it is time to polish the table for a Winter Solstice dinner.

I also have an Inner Bureaucrat, but let’s not go there…

– Karin Schluter Lonegren