As most of you know, I live part of the year in my home land The Netherlands. My roots needed that soil to feel connected with life and thus nourish my spirit. My soul knew this, my body and my mind followed a bit later, but first I had to go through a bout of deep homesickness.

Now I’m closer to my lovely family and old friends (loving my ‘old’ friends in Glastonbury as much!) I thrive again, feel alive again and this benefits my work and my relationships in both countries.

I have become an expert in considering one’s choices and how to deal with longing and feelings of lack; I know how they can be dealt with and in that process the heart-voice becomes stronger and clearer, and easier to listen to.

Here are some photos I took – while pondering my life here in the Netherlands and in the UK – of a stroll through this most amazing small town, Enkhuizen:

IMG_7386Zuiderhavendijk, Enkhuizenwaterpomp, enkhuizenEnkhuizer Virgin, protectress of the town

IMG_7397EnkhuizenGate to HarbourMy little street