The wind is howling around the house. It is 03:55 am and I jump out of bed to close the window. The swelling sound of the storm frightens me a bit. Edna Cat jumps ahead of me, her body screams food! food! food! It’s not time yet, little one; a bit too early.

I decide to get my laptop, turn on the wi-fi and see who’s there. Not many at this hour! No fresh emails, or clicks on my websites. I open Facebook and hey, bingo there is a friend on-line. We start a conversation that quickly becomes a heart-to-heart one. Maybe not one we would ever have at 4pm… but now in the still of night at 4am a small wonder grows. Under the tips of our fingers we can find the right keys to unlock our hearts and within a few minutes we cry and I see light growing in my heart.

Oh the wonders of these quiet conversations. Edna Cat is still demanding food, husband sleeps and I get up to make a Very Early Coffee, Edna Cat a Very Early Breakfast and I go back to bed.

Wind howling still, breaking morning, traffic noise slowly growing in the distance, another day, a new world with lots and lots of choices to make…

– Karin Schluter Lonegren