Around twelve, thirteen years ago, I had a live-changing oneness experience happening during two and a half days. My husband was a witness, I could give him a ‘life report’ from minute to minute. We still talk about those days with each other.

During these few days I experienced oneness with everything I saw or felt. Water, dust, humans, animals, plants. I could see deeply into material and saw cells brimming , vibrating with love. Everything was filled with love. That was the only reality. We are all one. I call these experiences my “Near Life Experience”, I felt like standing on the brink of understanding my life, my earth, my universe.

After that, I decided to start working with  spiritual healing I learned in 1998. Sometimes (like in the few sentences above) I do my best to describe the oneness I saw. The love I felt.  I think that Neil deGrasse Tyson’s short video explains oneness  better than I could ever do. The images are so beautiful too. Enjoy. It’s about 3 minutes long (or short)…