in town the other day – the sun shone brightly, people were out in droves – I saw a homeless woman sitting on a bench. She was colouring in her lips, while looking in her small hand-held mirror. When she was done, I caught her looking at herself in a way I look at myself  in private, after applying lipstick… when the colour is there, all is well and I am content with what I’m seeing.

This lady  glanced over her face as women all over the world are doing to assess themselves. Seeing a small part of ‘us’, is always good! With a sigh she closed her mirror, put it in her pocket and looked around her, surveying her wider world.

Which part of you do you see clearly? Can you be content with the whole of you instead of a small part of yourself? How do you judge yourself? Others? Your world? Theirs? Are we at home in ourselves?

– Karin Schlüter