www.karinschluter.nlThrough a comment on Facebook of a friend and my conversation with another friend the other day, where we discussed the Universe and Who Made It and Where We Are Coming From, I was lured to ponder about that. I know, it’s a big one, and I’m aware that some on this planet have a clear-cut answer to that. I don’t, and I love to imagine, fantasise and dream up why we are here. So here is my latest:

I like to see the Universe as a story. A great unfolding story where everything in it plays a part. Some of us are punctuation marks (I’m sure you know of some people – or animals – who are real exclamation or question marks!) some are consonants or vowels (I see the planet Venus as a vowel), the illustrations are nature in general in all its splendour, some of us are a whole chapter (the Sun?) and I’m sure we recognise a headliner when we see her. The characters of the story have free will, and spark off each other, influencing all life, rippling out in to space and rippling from there, towards us.

I would love to consciously contact the author of this story, and who knows, that is happening in meeting other humans, animals, plants. Maybe I have made that contact during my night and day dreams, in prayer, in meditation, in walking in nature, in loving family and friends, in having good times and going through the bad ones, in giving birth, being birthed and cooking a fabulous meal. We are all the Editor and now I wonder who the Publisher is.

I do like a: “They lived long and happily ever after”, and I will make it my effort to end each day on a positive note and start the new in a positively loving way, knowing that Universal Love and Peace will ripple out far and wide and returns, even richer, more creative and fruitful to our little blue planet, healing, healing, healing.