How good can prayer get. Do I know how to pray and what more, is there anyone on earth and in the universe ready to listen to my prayers. If someone/thing is listening, is there a name for that energy and to whom am I directing my most private thoughts and emotions.

I was a weekend away visiting London where Sig gave a talk and then we drove on to visit our friends Kim and Jeff Saward in Essex to spend the rest of the weekend with them. The main theme of our time together became soon clear: the Divine and prayer. Kim was reading Kathleen McGowan’s book “The Source of Miracles”.

I ordered it on-line and I am now reading it and I am having a good time doing the exercises in the book. This book is about the Lord’s Prayer and how to use this prayer in matters of Faith, Surrender, Service, Abundance, Forgiveness, Overcoming and Love. Most of you know that I’ve been more into the Lady the last 20 years or so of my life, although now I like to relate to the whole of what I call my Divine Spectrum: The Great Mother, The Great Father and The Great Mystery.

Every now and then I do like to say the Lady’s/Lord’s Prayer but I had to change the first sentence to give it the all-encompassing feel I need to feel when I consciously connect to the Divine. I say ” Our Mother-Father, hallowed be thy Name” etc. Although, while reading Kathleen MacGowan’s book and inspired by it, I started playing some more with the words because I feel that in our small crowded world it is exceedingly challenging for me to talk about our God, His Kingdom and the devil. As I said earlier, I am in love with the Divine but I am getting less and less sure about how the Divine looks or behaves in general. I am sure about Oneness and love and that, when things go seemingly wrong, Love can change everything. So here is my re-written version of that ancient prayer (sorry Jesus, I do like you a lot and I do like your teachings as well, they are powerful; I just like to play with words):

Our Mother-Father who made the Universe,
hallowed be your name.
Your realm is shining.
Your rays reach to Earth and far into heaven.
Give me today sufficient food,
and forgive me my errors,
so I can forgive the errors of others,
and lead me not away from myself,
but help me to stay strong.
For your Love, mystery and glory are in my heart, forever.

I pray every day – mostly other prayers than the Lord’s/Lady’s prayer. I pray in front of my kitchen altar with on it an image of the Earth Mother, animals, angels and a figurine of Mother Mary. I have a candle there, I light it, I pray. While I pray I often have to correct myself; I pray with a victims’ voice or a demanding one and since I am in love with the Divine, I wouldn’t want to lay those energies on my Beloved. I am good at nagging too, ah! and every now and then I can be manipulative. So those are the times intervention is needed and doing my best to formulate my innermost feelings better, it seems that the spontaneity goes with the intervention as well. The fine balance between all this and good communication, whether I have that talk with the Divine or with my fellow human beings, is a skill that needs constant honing.

I may be throwing away numerous babies with the bath water by not praying the original Lord’s Prayer as Jesus taught the Christian world but I find it difficult to pray those words because it implicates I am praying for everybody on our planet. Not all believe in the God, His powers and His Kingdom as I think, are determined by that prayer. I do want to pray for support, inspiration, guidance and love, generated by my own heart too, from That Great Mystery, trusting I radiate that inner contentment into the outer world.

With Love and reverence to the original prayer and Creator,

– Karin Schluter Lonegren