Life Priestess Training: Definitive dates for the Netherlands follow later this year!

In the mean time, you can read here an excerpt of one of the definitions of what a Life Priestess Training entails and a little bit more information on what’s to come:

The Rose“You know where you dive into the old ‘high drama’ reactions to potential ‘high drama’ moments and yet, you know how and when to take your emotions seriously and to respond accordingly”. (Life Priestess Training).

This training is given in The Netherlands. We will meet during workshops in Noord-Brabant, four times for a day during the 9 month period. Starting in September 2015/Spring 2016.

Further you are supported and inspired in the process during the Life Priestess Training by the inspirational emails you receive twice a month.

There will be a secret, closed Facebook Group, where you stay in contact with me and your fellow trainees.

We’ll organise individual 30 minute Skype meetings on a regular basis where you get all my input, inspiration and conversation personally as well.

You receive tools to discover, to be and to celebrate your wisdom, whatever age you are.

I would love to see you back here at this page, or write me an email for getting more information about this 9 month’s journey!