come to earth and out of birth with a promise. We are so loved and welcome, and our old souls in our new bodies hold the promise of loving the world, of being loved by the world, loving humanity, animals, nature. In short, our blueprint is loving our natural habitat and everything that’s in it.

It is so reassuring that when we have the opportunity, we take to engaging with our fellow Beings (in the broadest sense of the word) naturally, we are encoded to be empathic. We are naturally inclined to help others. We are open to listening to people’s stories and we know our boundaries too.

Somewhere on the line from birth to now, through whatever circumstance, I, we, forget our loving blueprint and start forming ‘wrong allegiances’. We start listening to war lords, or we join a gang. We rape, mob, torture, poison, lie, deceit, we grab and steal, are unkind, hurt, are jealous, resentful. We forget. We have fallen from our Soul’s promise into promiscuity. Parts of us are deep asleep.

IMG_5274We have to wake up at some point again! Our Souls will start rousing us. Inner voices become loud and strong. They cannot be pushed away. Grace enters our spirit again, send from that place of Soul.

I know that when we can find a few moments of being open for the wonder of our existence and the marvel that our planet is, the waking up starts. We start blending with the ray of hope, the ray of grace that shines through our world. We only have to shift our bodies to catch that warming, enlightening ray to light up ourselves.

I feel it’s time now to shift our allegiance from our selfless selves to our larger selves and be truly of service to others. Where can we help? Where can we step in? Where can we choose love above from what we are not? I’t time to remember our promise.

Shine on!