“Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness
and tenderness of our heart.” ~ Rumi

IMG_7484When you ask me: ‘are my children happy?’ Or: ‘am I healthy?’ Or: ‘when will I die?’
I will answer: ask your children, listen to your body and God knows!

Sometimes clients come to me with the above questions during an Intuitive Life Advice session and I cannot answer them in the way they would like to hear. The questions themselves, however, are beautiful, speeking of a desire for deep communication, a desire to take care of this sacred life and a deep longing for reunion with the Divine.

So, I talk about how to get into contact with their own heart first, and then perhaps a talk with the children about their happiness becomes less heavy – because understanding the heart makes the heart grow wiser and bigger and richer.

Listening to our body becomes much easier through acknowleding the sacredness of life and seeing the body as a temple for the Soul, and when in contact with the heart, it becomes clearer too, how a consciouss life lived until the last day – that journey into The Great Mystery,  becomes a life-path instead of a dead-thing.

In my opinion, a richer, more fruitful conversation can take place when their own heart is taken into consideration and their Sacred Self, without me ‘predicting’ the future.